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If you’re following me on social media, you might recall that I recently began working part-time as a Chiropractic Assistant. I didn’t go seeking this position, and really never imagined myself working in a medical office, but it’s been such a great experience so far.

But let me back up for a minute here. I’ve been a big fan of chiropractic care for nearly three years now. Both my husband and myself have been getting regular adjustments as part of our wellness routine. So when our beloved Dr. Stephanie mentioned needing some help in the office and was willing to be flexible with my schedule and needs in the final stages of our pregnancy, I couldn’t leave her hanging. It’s been wonderful for both of us and I am learning so much from the other side of the table.

Back in high school, I had seen a chiropractor on a few occasions, all following sports injuries. I knew they helped with alignment for the bones and joints, but other than offering a few good cracks, that’s all I had experience with. But when I began seeing Dr. Stephanie in early 2016, that’s when I realized how much more there is to gain from regular chiropractic care. So today I’m shedding light on some of the numerous benefits to having a good chiropractor in your life.

  1. Proper alignment. I know, this one sounds like a no brainer. But our bodies are composed of so many moving parts, and most people have at least 4-5 of those out of whack at any given time. Certain misalignment can obviously cause more discomfort or pain than others, but even those without noticeable discomfort might be surprised how much better their body feels when everything is properly in place. On my first visit to Dr. Stephanie, my complaints were based on some sharp pinching between my shoulder blades and hip pain that had been bothering me. At the time, I was commuting in and out of the city five days per week. Turns out, my pelvic alignment was off by over 4 inches, and that pinching I was feeling was due to nerve compression where my vertebrae were not properly aligned. Let me tell you, getting those things adjusted made a world of difference!
  2. Improved immune function. It’s true — proper spinal alignment improves immune function by insuring that nerve pathways, circulation, and even the lymphatic system are all open and functioning at their best. Not only can regular adjustments help keep the immune system in tip top shape, many people seek chiropractic care to help with allergies, sinus infections, ear infections, cold and flu management and more.
  3. Reduced inflammation. Inflammation is at the root of sooooo many health issues, many of which I have discussed before. By managing the body’s inflammation, the patient can experience improved healing times, less joint pain, improved range of motion, less aches and pains and so on.
  4. Headache and migraine relief. Headaches and migraines are two of the biggest alignments that cause people to reach for a bottle pain killers. But doing so can have negative impacts on our liver and kidney function, and can also deplete the body of it’s most important antioxidant, glutathione. A simple chiropractic adjustment can alleviate headaches and migraines almost immediately in many cases, by releasing tension, improving blood flow, and addressing active trigger points.
  5. Improved detox capabilities. Similarly to how immune function can be improved, the body’s ability to detox properly can also be improved upon by opening up those pathways. Massage is another form of body work that stimulates the immune system and helps in detoxing.
  6. Relief from chronic pain. Everything from low back pain to scoliosis, sciatica to arthritis pain can be lessened or relieved by proper alignment.
  7. Less down time. Statistics show that regular chiropractic upkeep means quicker recoveries in the event of an injury. This also includes shortened hospital stays. Pretty cool, huh?
  8. Digestive improvement. Did you know your digestive system is tied into your nervous system? Everything from regularity to reflux to IBS can stem back to how well your nervous system is functioning. Imagine ditching the OTC meds simply by getting your body functioning the way it was intended to!
  9. Safe for the whole family. There are various certifications a doctor of chiropractic medicine can receive. If they are Webster certified, they have the knowledge and experience to effectively treat even pregnant women, infants and children. If you have never been pregnant, let me tell you… there’s a whole lot of shifting that happens to make room for that growing baby. The amount of relaxin hormone produced in the body during this time rises, so that ligaments, muscles and joints can all accommodate the changes. But that also means that things can sometimes become uncomfortable or slip out of place. Having a good chiropractor in my corner through pregnancy has been a life saver! As for infants and children, the approach and techniques used are different than with adults. Through very gentle touch, a chiropractor can help with everything from reflux to colic to constipation to development to ear aches to sleep patterns to allergies and more. Odds are, you know someone who’s baby has suffered through at least one or two of these things. Troubles with nursing or feeding are another common reason an infant may need chiropractic care. Many babies suffer from lip or tongue ties hindering their latch, but even after reversal may be struggling. Often times this is due to lack of strength in the facial muscles or not enough elasticity in the jaw. Checking these things and learning how to overcome them can make a world of difference. In addition to these common complaints, a chiropractor will assess baby’s development, reflexes, strength and muscle tone, and provide guidance on exercises or activities to help if needed.

The above benefits really only scrape the surface on all the amazing health benefits chiropractic care can offer. I highly recommend finding a quality chiropractor in your area, and if you have specific ailments you’re seeking relief from, ask them! You’d be surprised how knowledgeable and well versed they may be. A quick 15 minute adjustment once a month may be all it takes to have you feeling better than ever.

Is chiropractic care something you incorporate into your health efforts? I’d love to hear your experiences, so please share them in the comments!